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“Las redes sociales son el lugar más aterrador, siempre somos nuestro mejor disfraz”: Lucy Vives


Con una foto desnuda, pero muy artística, la hija de Carlos Vives sacó su lado más profundo y humano en Instagram. 

“Las redes sociales son el lugar más aterrador y siempre somos nuestro mejor disfraz”, así inició su relato Lucia Vives en una publicación de su cuenta personal de la red social.

Lucy, como comúnmente se le conoce, habló también de su vida en Estados Unidos y de cómo esta, muchas veces, se llena de miedo e inseguridad.

“Tengo problemas en el primer mundo que odio admitir ... y algunos días me siento culpable pensando así”, expresó. 

Sin embargo, Vives no solo se enfocó en los momentos duros que ha vivido. También se mostró optimista con lo que ha adquirido y ganado como persona y profesional.

“El flujo es importante, pero el flujo viene con paciencia”, recalcó.


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social media is the scariest place . and we are always our best disguise. —— spooky season was real this year: packed with midterms, stress , procrastination and some decent amount of failure which i fearlessly admit im good at. you know what they say, practice makes _____. 😉 • it’s finally cold in new orleans. as the moon hides and her sun starts to rise, i feel my face come to harden.. i got first world problems i hate to admit... and some days i feel guilty thinking like this. but im pissed off at time and at all that’s not mine and at why i cant seem to achieve everything all at once , or at all ? or why the fuck i cant be just 2 more inches tall .. is my purpose to think i deserve this? is it normal that im still afraid? that one day ill look back and be faced with the facts and say damn, i just wish i got paid. • remembering that’s not why i do this is a constant . i do this for my dream.. i do it for the dialogue it brings, and for the passion, i do it for me , the talent that inspires me and the humans that can take even the tiniest something from my words and the images with them. actual work that pays for me to make these shoots possible, and an academic career that’ll one day support all my passions do surpass the actual time i’ve had to create as much as i’d like to.. especially lately. the flow is important but the flow comes with patience. i do not, have not , and will not, rush my art or my work, ever. i do what i can and i do what i must as much as i can. what can i say, i am lousy at conforming, it is a blessing to some and a curse to many. because for me, from me, what will ever be good enough? i want you all to see every proud piece i havent had the time to share.. so lets ⬆️ these posts .. ?see how many of y’all can handle it • happy sunday from your uppidy, duppidy , no shaming, procrastinating, dope lil doike next door ✨🖤 • 📸 @etherealgabriezzo

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