5:30 pm - 24 de Julio de 2015

La acusaron de falsificar sus fotos de pérdida de peso y esta fue su respuesta


Pasó de 169 kilogramos a solo 83 en once meses, según lo relata en su cuenta de Instagram.

En el proceso, decidió pulicar varias fotos del antes y el después en sus redes sociales para que, según ella, las personas que sufrían de obesidad se motivaran y vieran que sí era posible.

Estas son algunas de ellas:




Ante esto, recibió toda clase de críticas que la tildaban de mentirosa, por lo que decidió publicar una foto que dejó sin palabras a sus detractores.


I don't no why but every single comment that called me out for being fake and a liar really bothered me far more than it should. I think it's because it took hours of crying and debating whether to share my story online and for others to see, posting the first picture online along with my weight for the world to see what the hardest thing I have ever done. Throughout my whole journey I have tried to be so honest about the whole experience and tell people it exactly as it's happened so to be called a fake hurt a lot. And then when it came to posting about my lose skin well that was equally as tough. So here we go I hope this helps all the "non believers" - my face uncovered, yes my hair and eyebrows are a different colour as I'm going back to blonde, yes I have changed my phone from Samsung to apple and have moved house so the background has changed (it has been 11 months people, things change!), my skin colour varies in every single post as I get a spray tan once a week on a Thursday and often change the depth of the colour I get depending on what event I have that weekend, yes I have lose skin and stretch marks but I don't feel the need to show them in every single photo I post online, I have shared my excess skin picture before so if you had bothered to click on my page you would have seen it and as for my ears changing in appearance?! Well I can't see that haha so who the hell knows!!! Maybe weight changes ears lol. Hope this helps :D now lost 85.7 GO ME!

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